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Is Vistaprint’s FREE Shipping Really Free + How Long Does it Take?

Vistaprint Free Shipping Promotions: Finding the best coupon for your unique order might involve comparing coupons, but here are the promotions usually available from Vistaprint that include free delivery:

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I Love the Smell of Free Shipping in the Morning!

logo vistaprintIf you’re an entrepreneur or small business owner you’ve no doubt used, or at least heard of Vistaprint. They have made a name for themselves catering to millions of Americans (and Vistaprint Canada!) who are looking for a lean and mean way to have marketing materials printed.

So, If you’re on a tight budget, you’ll surely welcome the idea of having your printed materials shipped for free, in addition to any discount that you may be getting. Here are your best two options for getting your order shipped free from Vistaprint, (also listed above) but beware that they are shipped at 8-day “economy” speed.

New Customer Promotion: 20% Discount + Get Free Shipping on $50+ Orders

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8-day economy shipping? Not so speedy!

Online retailers covet new customers. In fact, they are willing to take a loss in the short term if it means a long term source of revenue.

This is really the idea behind cheap printers and razors for shaving. Companies are willing to sell you these items for less than they cost to produce because your value as a repeat customer is much larger. Using printers as an example, you probably will spend several times more on replacement ink over the years than you paid for the printer.

This is also why Vistaprint reserves their best promotions for first-time customers. In fact, they have an ongoing promotion for 20% off plus free shipping with code: FIRSTORDER (no relation to the evil First Order from Star Wars!) with the goal of acquiring new customers. After your first positive experience, they hope you’ll place many more orders in the future.

Free Shipping on $50+ Orders for Existing Customers

So, if you have an account, you won’t be eligible for the aforementioned promotion. But, if getting free delivery from VIstaprint is your highest priority, you still might be in luck.

As I write this there is a promo code with no expiration that gives existing customers free economy shipping on orders with a $50 minimum. Click here for the latest promo code.

You’ll definitely want to compare your order total from this code against at least one other, as you might find that this week’s deals ultimately get you a better price.

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Estimated Shipping Times for Vistaprint: How Long Does Free Standard Shipping Take?

Free delivery is always at their “economy speed,” so if you’re in a rush, opting for free delivery you might not be the best idea. Here’s a list of their estimated shipping times:

  • Express Shipping Speed: 3 business days
  • Standard Shipping Speed: 5 business days
  • Economy Shipping: 8 business days

*Delivery services include the amount of time it takes to process, print, dry, (ink) package and ship your order to you

I have personally used their free “economy” speed shipping several times and it has never taken more than 6 business days, but the shipping time depends on your location.

I think Vistaprint would rather you be pleasantly surprised at getting your order a day or two early than have customer service answer thousands of complaints that their orders were late!

What About Free Shipping With No Minimum Order? Good Luck!

Free delivery with no minimum order is probably not available. Back in the days when Vistaprint offered free business cards, they also had an occasional deal for free shipping with no minimum, but I haven’t seen it in ages. Usually the minimum order has to exceed $50 to ship free.

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Products That Take Longer to Ship

Vistaprint’s most popular products all fall under the quoted shipping times above, but here are some items that take longer to deliver:

  • Sample Kits: 14 business days
  • Personal Checks: 5-8 business days
  • Return Address Labels: 5-10 business days
  • Printed Bags: 7-16 business days

Remember, Free Delivery Might Not Be the Best Discount

Before placing any order at, compare at least a couple of different promotions, as the extra minute of due diligence might save you a few dollars or more at checkout!

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