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vistaprint logo Coupons for Magnets from Vistaprint – If you are looking to have quality, inexpensive magnets printed, then stick around. Every week there are new attractive (sorry about the puns) promotions at that include magnets. Some may specifically feature magnets, and other might be store-wide, giving you a discount on your entire order. Either way, check out all available promotions before placing an order!

Here are the latest coupons & promotions that include stamps:

magnets on sale at vistaprint

Cheap custom printed magnets from

Marcus Garvey once said that, “Progress is the attraction that moves humanity,” but when it comes to magnets, their attraction may create progress for your business with humanity. (I know, It’s a stretch)

Anyway, there is something really attractive about using magnets to market your small business. Actually, they have a plethora of personal and business uses, and unlike their flimsy paper cousins, magnets are rarely ignored or tossed in the garbage.

Well, no need to sell you on the benefits of magnetic marketing, as I’m sure you’re already aware. What I can alert you to are the various types of magnets that Vistaprint offers: (all included in their site-wide weekly coupons)

  • Car door magnets – Whenever you’re driving, you’re advertising your small business. If you put magnets on your car doors, you may even be able to use your car as a tax write-off. That’s what I call getting some mileage out of your marketing money!
  • Business Card Magnets – If you want potential repeat customers, consider magnetic business cards. Unlike paper business cards, these are more likely to end up on the fridge than in the trash.
  • Postcard Magnets – Most save the dates and birth announcements end up thrown into a pile of other mail. Why not give your big invites and announcements the attention they deserve by encouraging people to stick them on the refridgerator?
  • Calendar Magnets – Put your full color logo and business info in front of potential customers eyes year-round with inexpensive magnetic calendars
  • Photo magnets – There are 101 reasons why you might want to feature favorite photos or your company logo on a magnet. Choose from a number of designs, as well as extra-large, single or multi-photo magnets

Use a site-wide coupon towards any magnets

Once in a while Vistaprint will feature magnets in their Deals of the Week,” but more likely you’ll find the best deal on magnets by using one of their coupons or promotion codes that are good site-wide. New customers can often get free shipping in addition to discounts of 20% or more.

Here’s a glowing review for Vistaprint car door magnets:

More reviews for their magnets: Vistaprint allows users to post reviews of their magnets on their site. So, while you’re thinking about the specifics of your potential order, read through some of the reviews. They have a lot of specifics that might be helpful or inspiring for your specific magnet order.

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