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Much more than just business cards, Vistaprint has become the top name in custom printing & small business marketing. Use a Vistaprint coupon below for up to a 50% discount or free shipping. *Maximum savings apply. See site for more details.

Top 12 deals & coupons for Vistaprint:

  • Up to a 50% discount or free shipping. Click for today’s codes.

  • New Customers: 20% Off + Free Shipping - Through 2016

    Free delivery is for New Customers orders of $50+ only, but ALL customers get a 20% discount site-wide w/ no minimum.

  • That’s a 50% discount! Premium template design selection. Additional quantities available at a discount. Click link to apply code.

  • Buy More, Save More: $5-25 Off - Ends: 12-31-16

    $5 off $25+ • $10 off $50+ • $25 off $100+. Click link to apply code:

  • Photo Gifts: 25% Off - Through 2016

    Calendars, mugs, phone cases, canvas, holiday cards, more. Click to use Vistaprint promo code: PHOTO25

  • Start on any month you choose. Wall, magnets, poster, & desk calendars are on sale. Click above to apply promo code 90:

  • Postcards, Flyers, Brochures, Rack Cards, Presentation Folders, posters, Bookmarks, Door Hangers, & Table Tents. Apply code:

  • Business Cards: 50% Off - Through 12-31-16

    Plus 25% off any upgrades. Click above to apply promo code: VPBC500

  • Vistaprint economy business cards with a limited design selection. This replaces their “free business cards” promotion.

  • Birthday, wedding, party, save the date invites & announcements.

  • Custom printed, personalized t-shirts on sale. Click to apply promotional code; shirts don’t ship free.

  • Start with a free trial, and use their simple website builder.

How people are using Vistaprint for marketing

Where to Enter a Vistaprint Promo Code

Most of our featured promotions now require no promotional code to use on-site, as most Vistaprint coupons are applied instantly when you click over to their website.

If you do need to enter a promotional code, it’s easy. After you click over to their site, “have a different promo code?” link like this:

enter vistaprint promo code

Just click the link, and you’ll get a text field prompting you to enter a new code. After entering it, click “apply,” and prices will be changed site-wide to reflect the new promotion.

Tip: Try Comparing Vistaprint Coupons

It seems like there are a myriad of ways you can land on, and most of them reflect different pricing. So, should you take advantage of their free shipping offer, or the 25% off code? Hmmm… Consider comparing more than one code, as you might find your order ends up being cheaper with one over another!

What Happened to Their Free Shipping / Delivery Promotion that Had No Minimum Order Requirement?

Well, there is good news and bad news here. The good news is that they do still offer free shipping, but it’s almost always reserved for new customers and requires a minimum order amount. So, having said that, if you are creating a new account, look for the featured Vistaprint coupon for free delivery!

*Note: Their “free business cards” promotion has been replaced by a new “100 business cards for $1.99” deal. That would be 90% off, but it does not ship free; you’ll have to pay shipping and handling regardless on any free samples or products.

Much More Than Just Discount Business Cards

logo vistaprintYou probably know that is popular for discount and free business cards, but did you know that they print dozens of other items? Consider (aka Cimpress) the next time you need a personalized gift for a friend or family member. Whether you’re using a Vistaprint coupon towards holiday cards, postcards, or wedding invitations, use one of the popular promotions and you’ll save up to 50% on your printing order!

A great deal on high-quality custom printing; especially when you use use a Vistaprint promotional code!

If you’re searching for a “print-on-demand” company that offers a combination of high-quality and low prices, it’s worth considering them on your short list. Since the incunabula of the internet in 1995, they have been a top name in the space; implementing a form of “mass customization,” requiring minimal production time for each U.S. printing order, thereby lowering overhead and prices for individuals and small businesses.

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12 thoughts on “Vistaprint Coupons & Free Shipping: 2016

  1. Lara Showalter

    Tip: As a new customer I was able to increase the number of business cards in my shopping cart to qualify for free shipping. (to surpass the required order minimum) Much cheaper than 2 separate orders.

  2. Where did the free delivery code go?

    I haven’t placed an order w/ vistaprint for about a year, but they used to always have a code for free shipping for existing customers. What gives?

  3. B. Underhill

    I agree; I’m bummed about the discontinuation of their free shipping no-minimum codes. They estimate that my order is going to take about 2 weeks to ship, so I might have to expedite anyway. Any coupons for shipping upgrades or free 3-day shipping?

  4. What defines "new customer" for shipping promo?

    Hi – I placed an order on over 3 years ago. If I create a new account with my same shipping / delivery address, can I be considered a “new customer” and qualify for the free shipping promo? thanks.

    1. kevin Post author

      Hi – Their goal with that promotion is to attract new customers by enticing them with a free shipping offer. I imagine that if it’s been some time since you placed an order it might be worth opening a new account, especially if your address and credit card info has changed. Note that the “free” shipping speed can take a week or more to deliver, so make sure that code works for your needs before going to all the trouble. thanks!

  5. Free Stuff?

    Where did the promotions go for free business cards and postcards? I only need 50 cards, so I really don’t want to pay for shipping and handling costs. thanks

  6. Holiday Cards Question

    Do you know how long Christmas cards take to ship? I’m nervous that the “free” shipping option won’t get them to me in time. It’s saying 14 days, which is a ridiculously long time to deliver!

  7. Where are the free business cards?

    I’ve used a promotion a number of times for their “free” business cards, but now i can’t find it anywhere online. Do you know if it still exists, or have they phased that discount out? I don’t need to pay more for premium cards, as I simply festoon them on people’s cars in parking lots; up to 12 at a time. Sometimes on a windy day I’ll just pound an energy drink, go into a crowded outdoor area and throw large handfuls of business cards into the air so that they literally rain down on people’s heads like snowflakes. Then, I run through the crowd, flapping my arms, screeching like a seagull; that’s when i take out my vistprint self-inking stamp and just start stamping people on the forehead with it. Bam! Bam! Bam! Permanent ink – Got you, lady; you can’t outrun me. Now you’ve got my pet-sitting business name and phone number somewhere you won’t forget it. I’m an unstoppable half-man, half-seagull marketing-machine jacked up on 100mg of caffeine. That’s 21st century marketing, baby. If you don’t like it, then step into my office… cause you’re FIRED!

  8. Coupon not working

    Where do you enter the promo code? I’m trying to use the postcard coupon, but I can’t tell if the discount is already applied. They have too many offers each week, I can’t tell which promotion is going to give me the best price. Also, does Vistaprint have mailing services?

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