Vistaprint Coupons & Free Shipping: December 2014

vistaprint coupons featured Vistaprint is a leading custom printing service online, chosen by over 10 million people every year. That’s more than the number of people who visit the Great Wall of China, and World’s Largest Ball of Twine combined! Plus, you won’t have to worry about confusing road signs and mysterious fried foods! If you’re part of the shrewd and frugal masses who choose, use a coupon or promo code for an extra 50% discount: (Vistaprint Canada here)

star9 Holiday Deals – 50% off holiday cards, calendars, phone case, more. Promotion ends 12-24-14
starSite-Wide Sale: 20% Offnew – New customer $50+ orders ALSO ship free – Ends 12-31-14

vistaprint coupons banner
arrow 20% Off Any OrderFeatured promotion Through 12-31-14
New customer orders over $50 also get free shipping!
Apply coupon
arrow $5-25 Off Your Ordernew- $25 minimum purchase. 2014
Get: $5 off $25 • $10 off $50 • $25 off $100+ orders
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arrow Holiday Cards: 50% Offnew – 10 from $10 $4 – Ends 12-16-14
Get an early start on cards, and save a bundle
Coupon code
arrow Calendars: 50% Offnew – Through 12-31-14
Wall, desk, magnet, poster, & pocket calendars
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arrow Business Cards: 500 for $9.99new – Premium business cards – 2014
More design options and better paper than the free ones
Coupon code
arrow Business Cards: 100 Free – 45 design options – 2014
Note that they put a small Vistaprint logo on the back side
Promo codes
arrow Postcards: 50% Off – Get 50 for $5. Through 12-31-14
Standard, over-sized, and jumbo available from Vistaprint
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arrow Weekly Specials – Up to a 50% discount on select products – 2014
About 8 new items discounted each week starting Wednesday
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arrow T-Shirts: 25% Off – Custom white t-shirts from $6.99 – 2014
Lots of custom printed apparel options including this classic option
arrow Invitations: 25% Offnew – Invites & announcements – 2014
Wedding invites, save the dates, birthday, business, baby, much more
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arrow Marketing materials: 20% Off + Free shipping on $25+ – Through 2014
NEW customer promotion. Includes car door magnets
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A few words from Vistaprint small business customers

Where do I enter a promotional code if I’m wearing boxing gloves?

If you’ve never placed an order with Vistaprint, then you might be confused about where to enter a coupon. If you are currently wearing boxing gloves, you may just be confused. Most of the codes on this site are applied instantly when you click the link, and you’ll get a message confirming this on their site. (see below) To enter a code, click to view the contents of your cart, and you’ll notice text at the top right of the page asking if you have a, have a different promo code? like this:

where to enter vistaprint promo code

Click the “enter it here” link, and you’ll get a pop up box like this:

enter coupon vistaprint

Just enter the coupon where it says, “promo code” and click “apply.” You’ll immediately get the details of the promotion that you’ve qualified for including any percentage or dollar discount as well as free shipping if you qualify. They will also remind you that couons can’t be combined, and that you can only use one code per order.

Note that each code may have exclusions, minimum order requirements, or may exclude returning customers.

What’s the deal with free shipping, and how long does it take?

business cards vistaprintVistaprint has scaled down the number of promotions offered at one time, and it’s made things easier for their customers. An example of this is the myriad of free shipping promotions that they used to have going at once, each with their own exclusions.

So, no need to worry about whether you’re ordering on the second Tuesday of the month, or codes that only work during the Spring Equinox.

Promo codes now come with straight forward exclusions and terms, the most common being whether you are a “new” customer, and whether your order is of a minimum amount to get free delivery. (Usually $50) As I’m writing this, they have two different free shipping coupons: one for new customer orders over $25, and one for all orders over $50.

The only other thing to consider is that their free shipping is at the “economy” speed, often quoted as taking up to 14 days to arrive. In my experience (4-5 orders over the past 3 years) I’ve never waited that long. In fact, in my own experience it’s taken an average of about 6 business days to get my custom-printed marketing materials. (Although geography is a variable with how fast things are shipped) When ordering business cards or holiday cards, don’t procrastinate so that you have the option of free shipping!

I’ve never used Vistaprint, so what’s the best coupon?

They say, “the thrill is in the chase,” and that is often true for companies pursuing new customers online. If you are a new customer, Vistaprint puts a premium value on getting you to place your first order. For this reason, the best coupons are reserved for new accounts. An example of this is the popular “20% off + free shipping” coupon that has been ongoing for most of this year. Another hugely popular promotion is their 250 business cards for $10 offer, with no code needed. This is superior to the “free” cards promo, as it includes premium paper and more design options for about the same price.

Will they help me market myself as a freelance mime?

vistaprint logo smallWhile Vistaprint can’t make your parents support your questionable life choices, they can help you market yourself successfully. With advances in technology, a handful of companies have emerged online that deliver high quality custom printing at cheap prices. They handle about 70,000 orders each day, so they must be doing something right.

While they are the undisputed leader for printing business cards, Vistaprint has garnered their share of negative reviews online. People who have complaints are much more likely to write reviews, so if even 1% of their customers had an issue of any kind with their printing order, you can see how the bad reviews would accumulate online. If you have a few minutes, compare them against other online printing services and see which company is the best fit and best price for you.

The Robin Hood of Vistaprint promo codes

In English folklore a man named Robin Hood fought to take from the rich and give to the poor. Here at Mighty Printing Deals, we are inspired with a similar mission; to bring the best coupons for online custom printing services to the masses. It is our dream that the money saved will go to noble causes, like teaching monkeys to paint, or sponsoring underprivileged children in pie eating contests. Please check back again soon for our latest deals and promotional codes!

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