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vistaprint rubber stamp coupons

vistaprint logo Coupons for Rubber Stamps from Vistaprint – If you’re looking for cheap, high-quality rubber stamps, it’s worth considering Vistaprint near the top of your list. Not only do they already have low, discount prices on stamps & embossers, but you can also usually find a coupon for an even bigger discount or free shipping on your order.

Here are the latest coupons & promotions that include stamps:

vistaprint rubber stamps

Cheap custom rubber stamps & embossers

rubber stamp vistaprintAlthough there are a handful of other sites that offer good quality rubber stamps, Vistaprint is one of the best known names in that space, having completed millions of custom printing orders over the last decade. So, what kinds of stamps and embossers do they have? Here are the most popular:

  • Self-inking stamps – Their most popular rubber stamp, capable of stamping up to 10,000 times (before reaching retirement age, or just quitting in a diva-fit) The best part? you can get a custom self-inking rubber stamp for about $8! (don’t forget the ink pad though!)
  • Pre-inked stamps – If you are looking for cleanliness, consistency, and precision, then pre-inked stamps might be your best bet. While their “self-inking” cousins give up at 10k impressions, these pre-inked stamps are just getting started and can hit 50k before they need to be taken into the woods and shot. (or, was that Old Yeller? Sorry, I’m still scarred from that movie!)
  • Signature stamps – Let’s face it, signing your name is hard work, and should be done by a robot that also makes lattes and rubs your feet. If you can’t afford that, or technology still hasn’t made servant robots and flying cars a reality, these signature stamps are the next best thing. (From under $20 before using a coupon)
  • Date stamps – Sorry, Joaquin Phoenix; you can’t actually have a romantic relationship with these “date” stamps, (sorry again, that was a “Her” reference) but they will help you quickly stamp the date on incoming bills, receipts, & invoices. Tip: Give your kids a stamp on the forehead as a handy way of remembering the last time they showered.
  • Pocket stamps – Just like their name infers, these handy pocket stamps are small enough to fit in your mouth. However, because that is a blatant choking hazard, we recommend that you just carry them in your pocket.
  • Embossers – Raised text can give notecards, invitations, and letterhead a professional look. Vistaprint offers smart little embossers from under $30 (after using a coupon)

Use a site-wide coupon towards any rubber stamp or embosser

Occasionally Vistaprint will feature rubber stamps in their Deals of the Week,” but often your best bet is to find the best site-wide promotion, click on it to apply the discount, and then click over to the “stamps & ink” for the best pricing. If you’re buying multiple stamps, consider their free shipping promo code (if available) as it usually requires a minimum purchase of $50 unless you are a new customer.

Tip: If you do get one or more of these stamps, it’s a good idea to get replacement ink at the same time to consolidate shipping costs. (free shipping usually requires a minimum order amount) You can also find generic ink at your local Staples or office store.

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