Vistaprint T-Shirt Coupon + 5 Ideas for Cheap Custom Tees

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vistaprint logoCoupons for Vistaprint t-shirts – If you are looking for the best deal on t-shirts at, you’ll probably want to look for their $6.99 t-shirt coupon which gets you their basic white cotton tee, and a nice discount on premium or 2-sided shirt printing. The good news is that we’re always updating our coupons, so click below to use one for up to a 30% discount and free shipping!

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Looking to print a cheap custom t-shirt?

It’s worth considering VistaPrint on a short list of companies. They actually have a deal right now where you can get a men’s or women’s white cotton t-shirt for only $6.

Vistaprint $6.99 T-shirt Coupon

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So, how can they make a profit selling t-shirts for $6.99? You can’t compete with Vistaprint’s price unless you have printers the size of cows churning out hundreds of orders every day. (at surprisingly high quality) The huge volume of orders that they print each day allows them to undercut most other printing companies online with this price, but really they are hoping that you order more than just a shirt. Also, you’ll need to order a few of the cheaper t-shirts before you qualify for free shipping.

Be mindful that they aren’t making any money by selling t-shirts that cheap, so they will try to up-sell you. Be prepared to be offered premium features like 2-sided printing, colored shirts, or better material.


vistaprint t shirts

A few ideas for printing personalized Vistaprint t-shirts

Think of a plain white t-shirt as a canvas for your creativity. You can use Vistaprint’s many design templates, or if you have design experience, upload a complete high-resolution design yourself. Here are just a few ideas for printing t-shirts:

  • sample t shirt vistaprintClubs, teams, and organizations – Bring club and team members together by giving everyone a personalized t-shirt as part of their membership dues. I can’t think of a better value for an extra $10
  • Small business – Employees would appreciate feeling like part of the team when you give them one of these personalized t-shirts. Think of going beyond just putting a company logo on the front, and consider employing one of your company’s graphic designers for help
  • Giveaways and prizes – T-shirts can be prohibitively expensive to give away in bulk, but they are perfect as a prize. Whether it’s at a fair, sporting event, or school, you can generate interest cheaply by offering a t-shirt as a prize
  • Schools – Kids and teachers feel more connected to their schools with custom printed shirts featuring their school logo and mascot. Use a Vistaprint t-shirt coupon above!
  • Organizations & Clubs – Tees are a great idea for organizations, whether it’s the chess team, local animal shelter, or volunteer fire department
  • Family reunions – T-shirts are hugely popular for family reunions, and help you distinguish family members from strangers at parks and events. Maybe ask for help from your second cousin who just graduated from art school!
  • Fraternities & sororities – Use your fraternity’s logo together with custom text and designs for members, or sell them to raise money at events

Where did the Free Vistaprint t-shirt promotion go?

The new $6.99 price is an effort to move away from their former “free t-shirt” coupon, which forced them to try to make their money back on shipping and handling costs or other add-ons at checkout. I mean, we all know that anything free online is too good to be true anyway! coupons for personalized t-shirts

Not sure how long this Vistaprint t-shirt coupon will last, but it seems like they aren’t going to end it any time soon. Click over to their site to see pricing and printing options. Also be sure to check out our other new printing deals, updated every day.

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