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Vistaprint: Free Sample Kit – Business Cards, Postcards, Brochure

vistaprint coupon logo blueFree stuff from Vistaprint for your business – If you’re a small business considering printing marketing materials,it might help to get samples in your hands before putting together an order. In fact, a number of online printing services offer free samples, including Vistaprint.

*Note: These samples can’t be customized, as they are intended to demonstrate sizes, print quality, and paper stocks so that you make a better informed decision about future orders.

More About their Free Stuff for Businesses

The most helpful thing about the marketing materials from Vistaprint is that on the back of each item you’ll see the paper stock and printing options including paper weight and finish like this:

vistaprint free postcard samples

So, They Replaced Their Free Business Cards Offer?

You might remember seeing Vistaprint’s famous offers for free business cards and other free stuff. Basically, you’d have to pay for shipping, and they would try to up-sell you on a number of items before you could checkout, and it was annoying.

They’ve decided it makes more sense to try to get ongoing customers who have a myriad of marketing needs like postcards & brochures, so this free sample kit for small businesses is a better solution. Also, unlike the previous offers it includes free shipping!

Here’s what the free sample business cards look like:

vistaprint_free business card samples

New: Vistaprint 500 business cards for $9.99 or 100 economy business cards for $1.99 + shipping.

Free Postcards? I’m Interested!

The “10 free postcards” promotion is also extinct, (here’s their current coupon for postcards) but with this kit you get postcards of various sizes and finishes. In my free sample kit I got 5 postcards in various sizes, paper stock, and finishes. (see above)

Q: Can we mail these awesome free postcards to friends and family?
A: No, please don’t. That would be sad.

If you are ready to buy postcards, check out today’s coupon for postcards from Vistaprint

What Does Their Free Sample Kit Include?

vistaprint free stuff business(click to view larger)

Free stuff?! Each business sample kit includes the following items printed with various paper stocks and finishes including:

  • 8 double-sided business cards (various paper stock, finish)
  • 4 standard postcards (glossy / matte finish)
  • 1 over-sized postcard
  • 1 free brochure
  • 20% off coupon

How Long Do the Free Samples Take to Deliver?

When you request free samples, Vistaprint tells you that you should get them in two weeks. Personally, I got mine delivered in exactly 6 business days!


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how printer inkjet cartridges made

How Inkjet Cartridges Work: Apparently No Tiny Elves Are Involved?

HP Video Explaining How Inkjet Cartridges Work: So, you thought that an ink cartridge was basically just a little plastic box that holds ink until it’s magically transferred onto paper by tiny elves? (Well, that’s what I always assumed)

Turns out that those little things are complex mechanical systems with mind-blowing accuracy. Did you know that each of the hundreds of nozzles on a typical cartridge is only about 1/3 the width of a human hair?

In this informative video, a hipster scientist (I think he’s from an 80’s British rock band?) from Hewlett Packard walks you through an inkjet cartridge works: (I’m wondering if a possible theme park is in the works?)

How Ink Cartridges Are Made (Video)

For those of you who have been raised on soda and video games, you may not have the attention span to site through a video that lasts almost two minutes, so here are some highlights:

  • An inkjet cartridge contains about 500 tiny nozzles, each of which is only 1/3 the width of a human hair
  • When you hit, “print,” instructions are sent to these tiny nozzles
  • Pulses of energy create a super-heated vapor bubble that forces ink droplets through the nozzles and onto the page at up to 31 miles per hour!
  • This process can occur over 35,000 times in one second
  • The accuracy of this ink delivery is like standing on top of a 30 story building, and dropping a nickel into a bucket on the sidewalk. (Can’t imagine that? An easier analogy would be like trying to use a medieval trebuchet to launch a kilogram of Landjäger sausages 300 cubits into a medium-sized harvest jug)
  • It can take 1000 prototypes before a new inkjet cartridge is perfected

HP Ink Scientists Are Cooler Than You

speed of ink

speed of ink: 31 MPH!

As you can see, the ink scientists over at HP are not only cooler than you, but they know a lot of interesting things too. It almost makes you forget how expensive ink is per ounce!

If you are looking to save money on ink, consider buying generic instead of OEM ink; it still exceeds ISO 9001 quality standards for ink and costs a lot less. (Plus, you can use a coupon) Find this magical cheap ink at online stores like and! (click for coupons)

More dealsget 500 free business cards from Vistaprint here!

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wedding paper divas free sample invites

10 Free Wedding Invitations: Wedding Paper Divas Free Samples

wedding paper divas logoI just got my free samples from Wedding Paper Divas, and they are beautiful; check them out below! It’s easy to get your own, and there are two options to do so.

  1. Either request their standard sample pack
  2. Or, choose up to 10 samples of specific designs, and use a promo code at checkout to get them for free:

Getting Free Samples of Specific Wedding Invitation Designs By Using a Promo Code

If there is specific wedding invitation design(s) that you’d like a free sample of, it’s no problem. You’ll have that option when you view any wedding invitation, as well as many of the other popular designs on save the dates and various party invitations, etc.

wedding paper divas request free sample

Just click the order sample button at the top. The button displays only for designs for which a free sample is available. You won’t have the option to customize text on your sample designs, but you can specify the paper option.

Actually, it’s not completely “free” unless you use a promo code. Each sample costs $1, and ships for free. Look to use a coupon code towards your free samples, and get them for free. Save up to $10!

Tip: Consider ordering a design in more than one paper option for comparison!

samples free wedding paper divas

Requesting a Free Sample Pack from Wedding Paper Divas

There’s only so much you can experience viewing printed material online. Not only do computer monitors display colors differently, but an important part of the printing process is the feel of it. That’s why (if you have time) I’d recommend getting free samples from Wedding Paper Divas before placing an order.

I have my free samples in-hand right now, and they are impressive. Here are a few highlights:

Free Paper Samples: Included In Wedding Paper Divas Free Sample Pack

Included in the free sample pack are samples of their 3 paper stock options: Premium DoubleThick Matte Pearl White Shimmer, & Signature Matter White Paper Wow, these are very different, and there is no way to tell this online.

The Premium Double Thick paper (35 pt. 240 lb. ) is substantial; & almost as thick as cardboard. The Pearl White Shimmer Paper (14.3 pt. 110 lb.) is the thinnest option & literally shimmers at the right angle, and the Signature Matte paper (17.5 pt. 120 lb.) is certainly no compromise on quality. No shiny gloss or flimsy weight with this professional-quality printing.

Get the samples in your hands and look at how photos print on each of these papers while you feel the paper texture yourself:

wedding paper divas sample paper

You can also see 30 popular custom color swatches printed on each of these sample invitations. The same swatch can look very different depending on the paper.

See Custom Font Styles & Sizes Up Close

Wedding Paper Divas has a great online design tool, but when the invitations are in your hands you’ll see how legible certain fonts are when printed. They also give you samples of popular fonts as well as specific sizes, and in weights like “regular” and “bold.”

You might learn that the font you were going to use needs to be bumped up a size to be legible. Maybe even pass them around the room to make sure everyone approves:

wedding paper divas sample fonts

5 Free Sample Invitations

The Free Sample pack has a nice selection of various invitation designs, styles, trims and envelopes. You’ll get two of the invites complete with envelopes, (one white, one colored) as well as a sample of their laser-cut invitations, which are cut with remarkable precision for an intricate, luxe look and one of their foil-stamped designs which catch light and add flair to any design. Be sure to look at the various back designs of the samples.

Here’s a shot of everything you get with the free sample pack: (click to view larger)
wedding paper divas free sample invites

A coupon for Free Shipping + 20% Off

Each of the sample packs includes one more incentive to get started: an exclusive coupon for a 20% discount and free shipping on your entire order.

My Wedding Paper Divas Free Samples Arrived Quickly!

Even though Wedding Paper Divas said that their free sample pack would take 2 weeks to arrive, mine got to me in 4 business days. That’s a relief for anyone planning a wedding, as most people probably can’t wait 2 weeks!

sample laser cut invites weddingDon’t have any time to wait for samples? If you’re placing an order soon, be sure to use a coupon for up to a 30% discount or free shipping on your order!

Also, for any custom printed invitations, photo gifts, and announcements, check out WPD’s sister-site and our coupons for up to 30% discount or free shipping.

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Inkjets Printers Waste 50% of The (Overpriced) Ink You Buy

Inkjet printers are inefficient and wasteful: We all hear those stories of government waste, and it makes us crazy. In fact, did you know we spent $2.7 million recently to encourage Chinese prostitutes to drink less. We were billed another $60,000 by the IRS for their awesome “Star Trek parody” video that was shown at their recent leadership conference(Wow, was that directed by Scorsese?)

Anyway, we can’t do much about how the government wastes our money, so let’s look closer to home. In fact, let’s look at your inkjet printer.

We’ve already mentioned how expensive printer ink is, so at least it’s being used efficiently, right?

Wrong! According to Consumer Reports, about 50% of that printer ink never hits the page. In fact, the worst offenders only output about 30% of their ink to the pages! So, why are inkjet printers so wasteful? It seems that the culprit is the intermittent use of our printers.

Print Less Frequently, Waste More Ink

wasteful printerBasically what that means is that most people don’t buy an ink cartridge and use it all up in one week. More likely, people print a few pages here and there, and this is where the waste begins. The printer uses much of the ink in self-maintenance and cleaning, and ends up sitting in a reservoir inside the printer. (What a little diva!)

Printer companies are well aware of this, and on HP’s website states that, “Some ink must be used to maintain the health of the print head; some ink is residual; and some ink evaporates.”

How many pages can you get out of an inkjet cartridge?

What this means is that a manufacturer might imply that you can print 400 pages from one OEM (genuine name brand) inkjet cartridge, but in reality it’s going to be closer to 200 pages because of the intermittent use of our printers.

Consumer Reports also found no correlation between the amount of ink used in maintenance and performance, and no correlation to the price paid for ink and quality. In other words, (unlike a sweet 1970’s muscle car) it isn’t really necessary for them to waste that much fuel, or to pay for the high octane.

What can an honest taxpayer do? Well, as far as the government waste, we’re all stuck, but consider buying generic name brand compatible ink instead. Want to save even more money? Grab a coupon for 4inkjets or 123inkjets and save an extra 10-20%!

Want to save on custom printing online for business cards and more? Check out the latest coupons here.

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