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vistaprint canvas review

Vistaprint Canvas Coupon: 25% Off + Here’s My Real Review

vistaprint coupon logo blueCoupons for Canvas Prints from – Not to be confused with their cheaper cousin, “mounted prints,” premium canvas prints from Vistaprint are a beautiful way to display your favorite photos as wall art. Use a coupon below for up to a 40% discount or free shipping:

vistaprint canvas print samples

First Things First: Don’t Pay Full Price; Always Use a Coupon Towards Their Canvas Prints!

The website displays different pricing, depending on where you arrived from. For example, if you just type their URL in and go to the site, you’ll probably pay more than if you did a 20 second search for coupons.

There is always a promo code or coupon of some sort available that works site-wide, towards photo gifts, or specifically for canvas prints. For new customers you should consider the “20% off + Free shipping on $50+ promotion, and all customers should aim for at least a 25% discount off their regular price.

Simply clicking on a promotional link will usually apply the discount, and they usually notify you which promo code has been applied as soon as you arrive on their site from a promotional link or banner.

vistaprint canvas coupons

Premium Canvas Prints From Vistaprint: My Review

Canvas prints are a way to show off or preserve your best photos and memories. After a two-week trip up the California coastline I had no shortage of candidates to print on canvas to remember our trip and some of the breath-taking views that we saw.

*Tip: Don’t be tempted to go for the cheaper, mounted prints, which are categorized under “canvas prints” but essentially printed on thicker paper stock, not canvas! 

So, here’s a review of my own experience and the final product:

Designing Your Canvas Print

First, have a large photo ready to upload, and choose a Size for Your Canvas Print: From 8×12 to 24×36“. You can print your canvas horizontally or vertically, but unlike other products, there are no design templates for canvas with borders or text. (you upload the complete design)

For the most accurate results, design your image in CMYK color mode, instead of RGB. If you have a photo-editing program like Photoshop, it’s easy to save your image in this color mode. A few reviews complain that the image printed darker than expected, which is probably due to color mode.

You can upload your image from a number of sources including Facebook or your image library if you’re a returning customer. Beware: If you do upload a photo from Facebook, make sure it is big enough!  Printing of all kinds should be done at high resolution CMYK; I recommend at least 150 dpi or more. If you have the ability to work with a 300 dpi image, go with that. That means any image less than about 2500 pixels wide won’t work on any size canvas. 

After you upload your image, you’ll see a preview screen like this:

vistaprint premium canvas design

*Tip: Always upload a high resolution photo! After choosing one or more photos, I can’t stress enough the importance of using a high-resolution photo. These canvas prints are much larger than a common 5×7 prints and holiday cards, and you can’t get away with using small photos. 

If you are uploading a file from a phone or device, make sure that it’s the biggest version available. Any files showing a size less than 1mb are going to be too small.

Beware of the Safety line, and the sides of the canvas

Unlike designing and printing on a flat surface, (like posters) you have to account for your photo to wrap around the sides of the canvas. That big outer frame in the preview (shown with your photo at about 30% opacity)  is the part of your photo that will wrap around the edges or be trimmed away.

  • Never leave important parts of your photo to the margins (lighter) preview area: Anything displayed there will be wrapped around the sides of the canvas, and likely be wrapped around the sides.
  • Never leave white space in the margins of the preview area. If you do, you’ll likely get white space on the side(s) of your canvas! A number of negative reviews describe these white bands, and they are easily preventable!
  • If you see a small exclamation point / warning icon under your image in preview, click on it for a message. Most likely Vistaprint is telling you your image is not high enough resolution, and may print blurry, especially at the larger canvas sizes.

By clicking on the image, you’ll get a few simple design tools like crop, move, and rotate.

Final preview of your Canvas:

vistaprint premium canvas review

You’ll once again notice the glaring reason that angry people go online writing bad reviews for Vistaprint’s canvas: you can’t see the sides on the final preview. Also, even when you click “view larger” it’s hard to see minute details, or whether your image could be blurry. (resolution too small) 

At this point you should see a discounted price from the coupon

Without the use of a promo code or discount, Vistaprint’s canvases are relatively expensive. Companies like Shutterfly (get promo codes) and Snapfish (get promo codes here) and even art to frames (get coupons) have raised the bar on canvas quality, and the prices have really come down. The retail price of my 16×24″ canvas is $93, which is too expensive.

After applying a 20% off + free shipping promotion, the cost comes down to about $75, which is more competitive.

vistaprint canvas print

Review: My canvas Shipped in 8 days, and looks really good!

As mentioned, the bar has been raised for custom-printed canvas online, so no major brands are printing poor quality. I notice that the photo is about a quarter inch or so off-center from the preview, which doesn’t matter for my landscape photo of the California coast. This might be an issue if you rely on text or people’s heads being near the edges of the canvas. Give yourself a little extra room to the edge so that you you have everything important with at least an inch or two of margin around the sides.

Print quality: The quality of the photo is really sharp! The colors look really vibrant, too. I uploaded my photo at 300 dpi, which means that the largest dimension of my file was a massive 7200 pixels wide! That’s a lot bigger than any Facebook or Instagram images, so be careful importing from there.

The canvas is wrapped around sides neatly and stapled for ‘a no frame’ look, which looks good on the wall. It also saves you from having to buy a nice 16×24″ frame for your print. The images are printed “full bleed,” which means that unless something went wrong during the design phase, you’ll see no white area at the edges.

Vistaprint is good, but not the best for printing on canvas

At the end of the day, I recommend Shutterfly for the best combination of price & quality for custom printed canvas, and like Vistaprint, you should always use a coupon! Good

Tip: If you are not happy with your canvas for any reason, write an honest & helpful, negative review on, and they will likely credit your account with the purchase amount. Hopefully this is not the case, as Vistaprint has adjusted their online design process to fix the white space issue that was creating problems and garnering poor reviews.

– Review by Kevin M.

canvas design ideas

Ready to Print Your Photo on Canvas? Design Ideas & Inspiration

Here are some neat canvas design ideas on pinterest including designing a collage of canvas prints, as well as some nice black and white inspiration for canvas from Shutterfly.

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simple canvas prints coupon mighty

Simple Canvas Prints: 50% Off + Free Shipping Coupons – Exclusive

simple canvas prints logoNeed a great gift under $30? You probably didn’t think you could get a professional quality canvas print (with shipping!) at that price, but with our exclusive coupons for you can. Save up to 75% on canvas prints with these exclusive coupons:

Save big when you compare to Shutterfly, Snapfish, Vistaprint, and Walgreens Photo Center!

simple canvas prints coupon

Simple Canvas Prints: Use a Coupon to Crush Shutterfly’s Pricing

So, how do you compete with a big photo-sharing like Shutterfly? Well, it’s intimidating to think of going head to head with Shutterfly, but I really like how Simple Canvas Prints is doing it. They’ve picked a niche, printing on canvas, and are really great at. Then they beat Shutterfly’s pricing, include free shipping, a great user experience, and ask people to tell their friends about it.

I can only assume that printing canvas at these prices actually loses money, but the corresponding word-of-mouth and online buzz probably ends up being worth the cost. So, without further ado, here’s a review of my experience with

My Review of Simple Canvas Prints: A Gorgeous, Cheap Canvas Print

simple canvas print

my canvas – instagram photo

When you have a custom-printing blog, one of the perks is getting free samples or exclusive discounts. In this case I was offered 2 coupons to pass on to others through my site. (see above)

So, before endorsing their company, it was important that I become a customer.

Simple Ordering Process: I Felt Like I Was at Chipotle

It’s not everyday that a company that prints canvas gets compared to a taco restaurant, but in this case it’s a big complement. The brilliance of Chipotle in their minimalism; they’ve created a great product, and simplified the ordering experience. When I go to a diner or The Cheescake Factory I just about have a panic attack looking at the 20-page menu, so this is right up my alley.

Here are the notable steps of my canvas order / coupon use:

  • Choose a photo from your computer, facebook, or instagram
  • Choose a canvas size and border: either gallery wrap, white, or black (which I chose)
  • Add a sepia or black & white filter if you’d like
  • Does your photo need retouching? No problem, they can help you for as little as $4
  • Choose shipping method: Priority is only about $3, or choose ground shipping for free
  • Enter your billing details (no coupon codes) and submit your order

That’s it; my 12×12 canvas cost me only $24 including shipping. (used the coupon above) I timed it, and the whole minimalist process lasted 7 minutes, which is about as much time as it takes me to check my Facebook page.

But, oops! I accidentally used a low resolution version of my Instagram photo. Dang it! So, I clicked back to their homepage and clicked on the “chat” button. I immediately got a “canvas guru’s” attention, and after explaining the issue in 2 sentences, he asked for my order #, and gave me an email address to send the correct image to.

Done. Designed and ordered a canvas print in a total of 9 minutes, accounting for my error. I chose the “free shipping,” method, and the canvas arrived in 5 days. Nice! Here’s what my canvas looks like:

simple canvas printing coupon

Everyone Seems to give Simple Canvas Prints a Positive Review

simple canvas prints logo“Stunning enlargement of a digital photo and amazing workmanship! Very courteous and professional company…” Excerpt of a recent review

I’m always skeptical about reading reviews on sites that I’ve never heard of. You should be too, as it’s usually someone schilling a product that they ultimately are getting paid to review. So, I encourage you to check out the reviews for Simple Canvas Printing on; as of today, I can’t find a bad review amongst the 100 or so on the site.

You get a coupon; your loved-one gets a beautiful canvas!

Don’t call me cheap, but I hate paying retail price for anything. So, a huge determining factor in many of my online purchasing decisions ends up being based on comparing coupons. If you’ve found this page, I assure you you won’t find a better deal online for printing photos on canvas, and you don’t even need to enter a promo code.

So, for the price of a cheap bouquet from Proflowers or a discount bottle from I’m ordering a gift that won’t wilt or be passed through someone’s kidneys; a beautiful gallery-quality canvas that we’ll treasure for years. Try them out yourself, and use our exclusive coupon above for a great deal! – Missy

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Vistaprint Calendars Coupon: 20% Off Wall, Desk, Poster, & Magnet Calendars

calendars vistaprint coupon

Coupon for 50% Off Calendars at Vistaprint: Wall calendars with your favorite family photos are hugely popular as gifts around the holidays, but calendars can also be an effective and inexpensive marketing tool. Regardless of what kind of calendar you might print, use a coupon below for up to a 50% discount today!

sample vistaprint calendars

Cheap, quality photo calendars printed by Vistaprint: Use a Coupon for up to 30% Off!

wall_calendar template vistaprintIf you’ve searched the web for the best cheap photo calendars, then you’ve probably found Vistaprint on a short list of discount custom printing companies to consider. While most people have these printed in December, there’s no need to wait for the holidays, as you can start these on any month that you wish. Although wall calendars are most popular, there are a number of formats and sizes including:

  • Wall calendars – Choose from design templates, or choose to have your photos fill the entire page. Each month can include its own background in the theme or design of your choice. Families can choose designs from categories like, holiday, birthday, or baby. Small businesses can search templates by industry including marketing & travel themes.
  • Desk Calendars – Great gift ideas for the working mom or dad. Choose photos for all 12 months plus one for the cover. Small businesses may wish to choose a theme like dogs or tropical beaches for giveaways to customers.
  • Magnet Calendars – An effective way to create repeat customers year-round, these magnetic calendars can incude your logo and phorto, or choose a stock photo to feature along with your company info
  • Pocket calendars – A popular printed giveaway idea, these little calendars can feature your company contact info. If your customers suffer blunt trauma to their head while carrying one of these, they will instantly remember what year it is, even if they can’t read the other tiny prints. (North Korean customers may be shocked to see what year it actually is)
  • Poster calendars – These calendars can be vertical or horizontally oriented, featuring up to 3 of your photos, and all months visible at once. These are handy for marking off important dates, especially if you are in prison

Creative ideas for personalized photo calendars from

Everyone knows that the grandparents love getting a calendar featuring photos of the family, but there are countless other reasons to make a photo calendar. Here a few:

  • Small business giveaways – Is your business located in a town or city? If you have a good digital camera, why not take some photos of landmarks in your town and feature them in a calendar? (add one to a magnet calendar?) Some ideas of what to photograph include historic buildings, lakes or streams, churches, or even unique doors. We live in a historic town with lots of recognizable options for this type of calendar, so it would be a great way for a local business to show that they care about the community.
  • Calendars: Organizations – If you are in the same organization or team year after year, this would be a great way to show highlights of the previous year, organized by month. They would also be a great fundraiser idea for Volunteer fire departments, schools, churches, Mosques or other local groups. (Just remember to never depict the Prophet Muhammad, or you might get beheaded with a scary curved sword!)
  • Restaurant Calendars – Have a professional photographer take photos of your best dishes, and feature one or more on a pocket or poster calendar to give away. Vistaprint lets you add fun reminders or special dates like “Taco Tuesday!”
  • Calendars: Family / Ancestors – If you have a big family, calendars would be a great gift idea, including everyone that you send them to in one or more photos. It’s also a great way to keep track of birthdays and anniversaries. You can even include nostalgic photos of ancestors, and note their dates of birth. Don’t forget to use a coupon!
  • Calendars for your college student(s) – When kids are at college, it’s great to have reminders of family. What a better way to remind them than with fun and memorable photos from throughout the year. Also, if any vomit were to splash on one of these calendars, it can easily be wiped away with a dry towel or athletic socks
  • Baby calendars – Feature a new photo of your baby every month. You’ll be amazed to see how much they change in one year, and comparing monthly photos will make it easier to tell if your baby is changing color. (Click above to apply promo code)
  • prison calendar vistaprintPrison Sentences – Vistaprint calendars are a great way to mark time spent in prison, especially if you are in solitary confinement. I assume that prisoners put a big red “X” over a date as soon as it passes, which is a lot easier than carving lines in the wall. *Note that if you are being held in a Turkish prison without windows, it will be hard to accurately keep track of days, so remember to ask the prison guard, “Bugünün tarihi nedir?” which means, “what is today’s date?” in Turkish.

Look for a coupon before placing any calendar order at

By default you’ll see pretty good prices at, but clicking on one of our links reveals a coupon that can give you up to an extra 50% discount. Many times the code is applied instantly as soon as you click, so that you won’t have to expend precious energy entering a promotional code that could be better used pulling the handle of a slot machine or muddling fresh mint for a delicious mojito.

*Thinking of printing a calendar or photos by yourself? Check out these coupons for

Vistaprint prints on just about anything, and some of their coupons are store-wide. New customers often are also eligible for free shipping in addition to a discount. Click here to see their latest promo codes!

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Vistaprint: Samsung Galaxy & iPhone Case Coupons – Phone Cases

iphone cases vistaprint

Phone & Samsung Galaxy Cases from Vistaprint: Right now there’s a great coupon for 50% off all smartphone cases from Vistaprint. These include the two most popular mobile phones: iPhone and Samsung Galaxy.

Custom printed iPhone cases make great holiday gifts

These smartphone cases make a great gift for the Holidays, or any time of year including as a birthday present. They offer an ultra-thin version, or a stronger more protective case as well.

Some time ago I realized that people really appreciate customized gifts, as they create a connection and convey a level of thoughtfulness that something right off the shelf really can’t. That was probably about the time I started to run out of ideas for what to get people as well, and these are in that popular $20 gift range that I always seem to be searching in.

iphone cases vistaprint

Coupons for Custom Printed iPhone and Samsung Galaxy Cases from

These are great because literally everyone I know has a smartphone of some kind, and the cost of these custom printed cases is really reasonable. They are compatible with Samsung Galaxy, as well as the most recent, and not so recent iPhones including iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S, 6, and 6S. (coming soon!)

custom iphone case

Vistaprint: How do you add photos and design an iPhone case?

Vistaprint has an easy to use design tool so that you can put your favorite photos into a template, or all by themselves, which seems to be the most popular option.

If you have a decent internet connection, and a high resolution, sharp photo, you are set! During this sale, you can design and order one of these iPhone cases for under $20, including shipping. Not in a rush to get it? Look for their latest free shipping coupon here and compare discount.

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